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Welcome to You can use this site to find all the resources and information you need for grooms and groomsmen. As the groom, your wedding is likely to be one of the most special days of your life, and the biggest as well. With so much organising to do - from the guest list, to finding somewhere appropriate for your wedding ceremony and hiring a reception room - you also have to decide what you and your groomsmen will wear.

To help you decide what groom outfit to wear, think about making sure that you and your bride's attire complements the others. While grooms-wear is mostly formal, there are many different styles of grooms-wear that you can have. You can choose anything from tuxedos to dinner suits. You can also decide if you would like to wear garments such as waistcoasts, and there is also a broad range of ties that you can choose from in many different sizes, colours and patterns.

Depending on how formal your wedding is will help you decide on what you may wear. If your wedding is at the beach then you and your groomsmen may want to wear light weight groom's suits, perhaps in a light coloured shade. If it is a really laid back affair you and your groomsmen may even wear dress pants accompanied by a wide-lapelled shirt.

However, if your wedding is quite a formal affair, your groom suit and your groomsmen's suits may well be a black tailcoat with a waistcoat or vest.

Also consider your suit and groomsmen's suits according to body shape. Short and slim grooms should wear two- or three-buttoned suit jackets with a low button stance because this will make your body appear longer. They are best accompanied with pleated trousers. Short and bigger grooms look best in single-breasted suits with buttons close to the wasteline.

Tall and muscular men look great in clean lines and should avoid double-breasted jackets because this adds bulk. Tall thin grooms, however, can wear a whole range of styles from five-button jackets to double-breasted tuxedos and single breasted jackets. For more information about grooms and groomsmen's attire, you can search our online directory today.